About Us

Digital Cardz is a professional virtual card service provider at Affordable Prices.

A digital card is an interactive representation of your profile with details including your business / personal information, contact details and much more. The Digital Card makes it easier and more convenient for the rest of the world to contact you. It provides you with more flexibility, customization, and for your profile, allowing you to keep your data align.

The advantage of a digital card is that it can be shared on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.), It also allows other people to connect you.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way information is exchanged in order to provide a sustainable alternative to paper business cards.

To Whom Digital Cardz is useful?

If you meet your prospective customers in person (one to one meeting) or atleast you do telephonic conversations to market and sell your products or services, then our Digital Business Card will help convey your message in a more strategic way.

  • Useful
    Marketing Consultancies

    Marketing Agencies specialize in advertising, branding, news papers, printing, and media planning.

  • Useful
    Real-estate and Financial Agents

    Professionals Real-estate brokers and financing agents and Bank Executives.

  • Useful
    Education and Instructor

    Teachers, Coach, Trainers, Human Resource Managers and Speakers.

  • Useful
    Digital and Software Professionals

    Digital Marketers, Web designers and Social media marketers who meets clients for generating leads.

  • Useful

    Entrepreneur who make calls / meetings in person to solicit business

  • Useful
    Travels and Events managers

    Professionals from the Event Management, Tourism, and Travel Industries.

  • Useful
    Consulting Services

    Architectures, Interior Designers, Chartered Accountants, Financial Advisors, and other Consulting Services.

  • Useful
    Sales Representative

    Independent Sales Executives, Sales Professionals, Field Staff and all types of Sales Individuals.

  • Useful
    Fitness and Beauticians

    Professionals in the field of Yoga & Dance, Gym Trainers, Dieticians, Salons and Beauticians.